4 Body Repair Tips To Improve Your Classic RV Restoration Project

17 April 2019
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When you want to do a classic RV restoration, it is likely that there are going to be repairs that need to be done to the body. Improve the restoration with solutions like lightweight materials and additional customization. The following RV body repair tips will help you with the best repairs to improve your restoration project:

1. Reducing Weight Using Lightweight Body Parts for Repairs

One of the improvements that you will want to consider for your RV is reducing the weight, which will help improve performance and handling. There are several options to consider to reduce the weight of your RV, such as installing fiberglass or carbon fiber parts. The easiest parts to change to reduce weight are fenders, hoods, and storage compartments. Consider using modern lightweight synthetic materials wherever possible to reduce the overall curb-weight of your RV.

2. Removing Rust and Protecting Exposed Metal from Corrosion and Decay

Rust is one of the major problems that you will have to do with when doing repairs to the bodywork of a classic RV. First, you want to make sure that you remove all the rust and expose the bare metal surface. In addition, you want to treat the metal to prevent any further corrosion or decay after the repairs have been done. You can paint the exposed metal with a protective coating of sealant or spray to protect it from moisture and exposure to the elements.

3. Improving Your Classic Restorations with Body Parts That improve Handling

There are also many body parts that can improve handling, such as vents, body trim, and modern skirts, that lower the center of gravity of your RV and give you extra storage compartments. If you were doing a classic RV restoration, you want to use parts that are effective but do not to make drastic changes to the appearance of your RV. Consider options like modern trim materials that blend existing features in with new custom upgrades.

4. Using Aftermarket Parts for A Custom Look of Other Models

Another improvement that you will want to consider for your RV is installing customized parts. There are many different choices of aftermarket parts that can help give your RV a custom look. These parts can also be used to clone the look of limited edition and special models like your RV. You may want to consider various parts like retractable awnings, slide-out features or modern windows.   

These are some tips that will help with the repairs and improvements to the bodywork of your classic RV project. If you need help with some of these repairs and improvements, contact an RV repair service.