3 Signs Something Is Wrong With Your Auto AC

4 March 2016
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An auto air conditioning tune-up consists of checking your refrigerant levels, checking the belts for cracks to prevent future breaks, checking the air compressor for leaks, and checking for connectivity issues within the electrical components of the vehicle. The question is – how do you know when your automobile's air conditioning isn't working right? Fortunately, your vehicle's air conditioning will give you a number of warning signs if you are paying attention.

1. There Isn't Any Air Conditioning

The first, and most obvious, warning sign is that you do not have any air conditioning. If you turn the car on, turn up the air, and nothing happens, there are a few different issues your car could have. First, it is possible your vehicle is just out of refrigerant. Second, you could have damaged one of the cooling fans. Third, the vents to the air conditioning unit could be clogged. The best thing you can do if you don't have any air conditioning is to take your car to a shop and let them diagnose and fix the problem.

2. With Cold Air Comes a Nasty Smell

You shouldn't have to settle for musty smelling cold air. Your air should not have a putrid or unpleasant smell. In fact, this is a sign of a bigger problem. Unfortunately, putrid smelling air in your automobile's air conditioning is a huge red flag that mold could be growing somewhere in the air conditioning unit. Naturally, you should have the vehicle taken apart, inspected for mold, and cleaned as soon as possible, as mold can cause respiratory problems.

3. Water is Accumulating Inside of Your Vehicle

Unless you made the mistake of leaving the windows down when it rained, your vehicle should not randomly fill up with water. In fact, one of the purposes of your automobile's air conditioning is to dehumidify the air inside of your vehicle by sucking out all of the moisture. If water is accumulating in your vehicle, the air conditioning isn't doing its job right.

A car with a healthy air conditioning system should discharge the water it has accumulated when it is parked. Unfortunately, all it takes is for a hose to become clogged by dirt and debris and the water will become backed up in the car because it has nowhere to go. If you are sure that you did not spill anything in your vehicle, you will need to check the hoses for signs of clogging. Once you find the clog, you should be able to clear it up.

You may or may not be able to fix the problems your automobile's air conditioning has developed, but that does not mean you can't understand how to pinpoint them and what might be wrong. For more information, contact a company like Modern Auto Air.