How To Plan A Spring Motorcycle Trip To The Western States

22 December 2015
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Are you counting the days until you can take a motorcycle trip this spring? If you have chosen to see the western states, here are some suggestions to make every mile worth your travels.

A Smart Beginning - Before you head out to your big adventure, make sure your motorcycle is ready to perform at its optimum level.  Take it to a shop that specializes in motorcycle service so that it can be thoroughly checked. Among the things that will be checked are:

  • the level of transmission oil
  • the safety of the tires, including air pressure
  • fuel or brake fluid leaks
  • security of bolts
  • electrical switches and controls
  • mirrors
  • lights

It's a good idea for you to read the manual that came with your motorcycle, even if you've read it in the past.

A Great Route - The natural beauty of the countryside of the western states will astound you. However, cities and towns along the way will certainly create memories for you, too. 

  • Can you get to El Paso, Texas pretty easily? That city would be a good place to start. In El Paso, you'll experience how the Mexican culture becomes a great part of the United States. Don't forget to eat Mexican food while you're there!
  • Next is the enchanting state of New Mexico. Las Cruces will be your first stopping point. Be sure to visit the historic sights where the notorious Pancho Villa ate and slept. 
  • Do you enjoy art and the opera? If so, you'll love the town of Santa Fe. 
  • Head to San Diego, California where you can visit places like the famous San Diego Zoo and Miramar Naval Base. Take a side trip to see the gorgeous houses in La Jolla and to visit the beach.
  • Head back to El Paso via Las Vegas, Nevada. You'll be blown away by the lavish hotels and the night lights.
  • In Salt Lake City, be sure to visit Temple Square. You might even get to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
  • Your next stop, Colorado, should definitely include Ouray, Silverton and Durango. You'll feel like you stepped back in time.

Remember to ride your motorcycle easy so you'll get good gas mileage and so your tires and brakes will wear well. Even then, though, you might encounter problems with your motorcycle. Fortunately, there will be plenty of places along the way for you to have your motorcycle service. Even if it's a small one-man or one-woman service station, part of the fun of your trip will be in visiting with people who have an interest in motorcycles, too.

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