Tips For Preparing For And Living In Your RV Full Time

21 December 2015
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If you are considering getting away from it all and living in your RV full time, you should know you are not alone in that choice. Many people have decided that a life on the road would be much better than the one they live in a home filled with the stress and pressures of daily living. However, before you set out on the road, follow these tips for making sure you do not take too much stress and pressure along with you.

Too Much Stuff Equals Less RV Space

Your household property may mean a lot to you, but taking too much of it with on the road with you can be a mistake. If you plan to live in your RV, you will need to decide what to do with your household goods. While keeping things like your clothing is a good idea, you need to reconsider keeping things like dishes you never use or the knick-knacks you have collected over the years. Renting a storage building for your property is a good way to keep it, but you might consider selling it at a yard sale or flea market to save money on storage fees. Remember that going on the road means starting a new way of life, one without clutter and disorganization.

What To Do With Your House

Every situation is not the same, just as your reasons for living on the road in an RV may differ from other people making the same decision. However, one thing most people have in common that make the choice to live on the road is what to do with their house. If your automatic idea is to sell it, you might re-consider that decision if your home is paid for, because renting it could be more financially beneficial. Having rent coming in every month is a great way to have financial security while enjoying the life of not being tied to one place. If you choose to rent your home, hiring a property management company to handle rent collections can be the best way to live with less stress.

Living With Pets On The Road

Traveling with your pets can be the part of the whole deal for many pet owners. However, making sure your dog or cat is comfortable traveling is important. Always feed your dog at the same time every day so you can exercise better control over potty times. Also, feeding your pet while the RV is moving could cause nausea, so be sure to stop off long enough for meal times. While cats usually use their litter box, it can be a stinky mess if not kept clean in a smaller RV. Be sure to clean out the litter box each time your cat uses it for the best results. Bear in mind that not all RV parking areas and campgrounds are pet friendly, so calling ahead of time is important to know your pets will be welcome.

Learning more about how other people are living full time in an RV is a good way to learn the best ways to prepare for it. Following these tips and others you may learn from seasoned RV travelers is a good idea and can help you ease into this kind of new lifestyle with the least amount of trouble and stress.

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