Three Tips That Can Lessen Your Risk Of A Damaged Windshield

18 December 2015
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When your windshield gets chipped by a rock, it's often not long until the chip begins to spread and turns into a crack that runs across the glass. This situation calls for a windshield replacement; not only is such a crack dangerous, but it can also cause you to receive a traffic ticket. While visiting a certified auto glass shop can have the glass replaced quickly and correctly, the best strategy is always to do your best to avoid having your windshield damaged in the first place. Here are three tips that you can adopt that will lessen your risk of the damage occurring.

Park In Covered Areas

Although windshield damage is most commonly associated with rocks being flung through the air on the road, hail can also damage the glass. If a storm is in the forecast, do your best to park your vehicle in a covered area. At home, doing so is as simple as using your garage. If you're at work or elsewhere away from home, a covered parking garage is ideal. If no such area is available, even parking your vehicle near a tree that provides some degree of cover can be better than nothing. Having your car's windshield safely protected during hailstorms can greatly reduce the risk of damage to your windshield.

Avoid Following Trucks

Trucks are more likely to fling a rock onto your windshield and cause damage because of their extra tires; the more tires a vehicle has, the greater risk of a tire catching a rock and throwing it. Whether you're on a highway or just driving quickly on another type of road, try to avoid following trucks. Although you should never drive unsafely in an effort to avoid trailing a truck, it's worthwhile to consider passing the vehicle, temporarily reduce your speed to avoid following too closely or even choose a different way to reach your destination.

Skip The Back Roads

Back roads -- especially those made of gravel -- are fraught with rocks, which increases your risk of windshield damage when you're driving behind another vehicle. Keep your time on back roads to a minimum. If you find yourself traveling on one, greatly reduce your speed when you're behind another motorist to avoid being hit by a rock. It's often worth checking your route on your GPS or online to ensure that there are no gravel roads between you and your destination. If so, see if you can find another way to get where you're going.

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