Top Causes Of Transmission Noises In Cars

29 June 2022
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If your car makes loud or weird sounds when shifting gears, accelerating, or in neutral, you're probably experiencing transmission trouble. A malfunctioning transmission will affect both the performance and safety of your car, so it should be addressed immediately. While many factors can contribute to the problem, here are the usual culprits. Insufficient Transmission Fluid  Your vehicle's transmission is made up of several moving parts that require proper lubrication to work smoothly. Read More 

How To Tell When Your Transmission Needs Service Or Repair

24 May 2022
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The transmission in your car or truck is a critical component in the drivetrain, and if it is not working correctly, the car or truck is often much more challenging to drive. There are some tell-tale signs to look for that can indicate it is time for a visit to the transmission shop for service, and it is crucial that you do not ignore them, or you could end up with a transmission that stops working altogether. Read More 

3 Innovative Ways To Save Money On Your Auto Repair Services

3 May 2022
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Your car repair budget accounts for a significant percentage of your total yearly budget. For that reason, some car owners opt for DIY projects, hoping to reduce the amount of money they spend on car repairs. But these car owners don't consider the possibility of making costly mistakes by handling the car repairs without the skill to do so. Avoiding some common repair mistakes and omissions is a great way to cut auto repair expenses. Read More 

Has Your Vehicle’s Steering Rack Gone Bad?

30 March 2022
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Every vehicle has a steering rack. Its purpose is to translate the rotation of your steering wheel to the position of how your wheels are pivoted to the left or the right. Your steering rack has an electric or hydraulic power steering system, and it can become damaged over time. Here is how you can tell if there is a problem with the steering rack that needs to be repaired by a mechanic. Read More 

You Just Bought a Used RV: Where Should You Start?

7 March 2022
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Buying a used RV is an excellent and affordable way to start hitting the open road and going on adventures with your family. However, RVs combine the best and worst aspects of both vehicles and homes. As a result, used models may have numerous problems, and you'll often need to address at least some of these issues before your first trip. Unless you're sure your new-to-you RV is in pristine shape, you'll want to perform a thorough inspection and begin making a to-do list. Read More