4 Common Indications You Are Running Low On Transmission Fluid

23 July 2021
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Your car's transmission transfers the engine's power to the wheels of the vehicle, allowing you to drive at different speeds. While undertaking regular vehicle maintenance will help keep it in tiptop running condition, transmission problems can crop up at any time. When this happens, you'll need to carry out the necessary transmission repair. Low transmission fluid level is one of the most common causes of transmission trouble. Here's how to know you're running low on transmission fluid. Read More 

Having Your Boat Cleaned Professionally

21 June 2021
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When you own a boat you are going to want to keep it nice and clean. Each time that you take the boat out on the water it can get very dirty on both the outside and the inside. Even when your boat is sitting, it will still end up getting dirty, although keeping it covered can help with this, as can keeping the boat stored indoors. When you want to get your boat cleaned, you can hire a boat cleaning service. Read More 

What Are Professionals Looking For During A Standard Auto Brake Inspection?

15 January 2021
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Every time you press your brake pedal to slow or stop your vehicle, you are relying on the vehicle's brake system to keep you safe. Therefore, having a brake inspection on occasion is an important task as an automobile owner. Here is what takes place during the typical brake inspection.  The Action of the Brake Pedal  You can tell a great deal about the brake system of a vehicle simply by pressing the brake pedal. Read More