Mobile Auto Glass Repair: Frequently Asked Questions

5 December 2022
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If you are thinking about using mobile repair services for your auto glass repairs, you may find that you have a variety of questions regarding these mobile services. Reviewing the answers to the frequently asked questions below can help you to answer many of the questions that you may have. 

Question #1: Where Can Mobile Auto Glass Repairs Be Completed?

Mobile auto glass repairs can typically be completed anywhere that the technician has ample and safe access to your vehicle. This includes your home, workplace, and public parking lots. If your vehicle is on private property, you will need to obtain permission from the property owner to have these repairs completed at your current location. If your vehicle is currently parked on the street, you may need to move the vehicle to a safer location before work can be done on the vehicle. 

Question #2: Can Insurance Be Used To Pay For Mobile Auto Glass Repairs?

Some mobile glass repair companies will accept auto insurance payments to cover the cost of a mobile repair. However, if you wish to use insurance coverage to pay for these repairs, you will need to obtain approval before the repairs are completed. If you do not inform the company of your desire to use insurance before a technician completes your repairs, you will typically be required to pay for these repairs at the time that services are rendered. 

Question #3: Do You Have To Wait Before Driving Your Car After A Mobile Auto Glass Repair?

There is no reason that you will need to wait before getting back on the road when using a mobile auto glass repair service. This fact remains true regardless of if you are having a minor chip repaired or if you require a full window replacement. Once the repairs have been completed, you can immediately begin driving your vehicle again. Just be sure to follow any aftercare instructions to avoid any damage to your new glass or your vehicle as a whole. 

Question #4: How Long Do Mobile Glass Repairs Take?

Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question. Wait times for a mobile glass repair can vary significantly from one company to the next, and even from one day to the next depending upon the demand for these services. With that being said, you will typically find that mobile glass repair services offer much shorter wait times than are associated with taking your vehicle into a local repair shop to have these repairs completed.

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