Types Of Auto Services Your Car Needs To Stay In Good Shape

2 November 2022
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Whether you have an old car or one that's brand new, the car needs regular auto service to keep it running. You should consult your owner's manual if you still have it to determine how often the parts of your car need to be serviced. If you've lost the manual to your old car, then ask a trusted mechanic when you should bring your car in to be serviced. Here are different types of auto services your car will need.

Emergency Auto Service

Even if you keep up with routine appointments, your car might need emergency service. This can happen if a rock hits under your car or you accidentally drive over something and cause damage. A rat or squirrel could even crawl up in your engine to get warm and start chewing on a hose that causes a leak.

Any time you notice your car acting differently, having an unusual odor, or making weird noises, it's a good idea to call your mechanic and describe the problem so you can get an auto service appointment right away.

Full-Service Visit

A full-service appointment can take several hours, so you'll probably want to drop your car off rather than wait for it. The car manufacturer designates how often you should have a full-service visit, which might be yearly or a set number of miles. During this visit, the mechanic checks all the parts of your car and makes sure everything is in good shape.

A full-service auto check is useful to get right before you go on vacation so you have peace of mind your car is ready for a long drive. The mechanic checks fluid levels, brakes, tires, and the engine. They change your oil, filter, and do any other routine service that's needed. They also replace parts that look worn so they can be replaced before they break and cause your car to malfunction.

Interim Auto Service

If you do a lot of daily driving, you'll probably need to take your car in to be serviced between full-service visits. Interim auto service doesn't include a comprehensive check of every part of your car, so it is quicker.

With this auto service, your mechanic may only change the oil or service your tires and brakes. You can tell when you need interim services by consulting your manual or by following the recommendation of your mechanic based on mileage.

If you keep up with auto service on the schedule recommended and take your car to the mechanic when it shows signs of trouble, you reduce the risk of having a breakdown on the road. Not only that, but you'll also reduce the risk of making your car damage worse by driving it when parts are worn or when fluids are low.

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