3 Types Of Routine Maintenance For Your Range Rover That You Should Never Neglect

19 August 2022
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Perhaps the most effective way to prevent expensive repairs and maximize your Range Rover's resale value is through routine maintenance services. Unfortunately, far too many people choose to neglect this type of routine maintenance. You can help avoid making this same mistake by taking just a few minutes to learn more about three of the most important types of Ranger Rover routine maintenance that you should never neglect.

Oil Changes

Oil changes are arguably the most important type of routine maintenance. This is because over time the motor oil inside your engine will begin to thicken as a result of dirt and debris that gets stuck inside the oil as it passes through your engine. The thicker your oil gets, the more difficult it will be for this oil to flow through your engine and coat the moving parts. This can result in friction and heat which can destroy your engine. If this happens, you could find yourself facing thousands of dollars in repairs in order to get your vehicle back on the road. Simply taking your vehicle in for an oil change every few months can help you avoid these problems. 

Transmission Flush

Just as your motor oil can get dirty over time, so can the fluid inside your transmission. In addition to making it more difficult for this fluid to circulate through your transmission, the debris found inside old transmission fluid can also leave damaging deposits on the gears inside your transmission. This can cause your transmission to seize. If this happens, your vehicle will no longer drive despite the fact that the engine is still running. In order to prevent these issues, you will need to take your vehicle in for a transmission flush from time to time. As part of this routine maintenance, your old transmission fluid will be drained, the transmission filter will be removed, any debris and deposits will be removed using a specialized cleanser, and finally, your vehicle will receive a new filter and transmission fluid. 

Tire Rotation And Balance

Making sure that your tires are properly balanced and rotated can have a huge impact on the amount of wear and tear that is put on your vehicle's suspension system. Uneven tire wear can also impact your fuel efficiency. Consequently, each time you take your vehicle in for a routine maintenance appointment, you will want to ask your mechanic to rotate and balance your tires. 

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