Top Causes Of Transmission Noises In Cars

29 June 2022
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If your car makes loud or weird sounds when shifting gears, accelerating, or in neutral, you're probably experiencing transmission trouble. A malfunctioning transmission will affect both the performance and safety of your car, so it should be addressed immediately.

While many factors can contribute to the problem, here are the usual culprits.

Insufficient Transmission Fluid 

Your vehicle's transmission is made up of several moving parts that require proper lubrication to work smoothly. Transmission fluid acts as a lubricating agent for the moving parts and also helps to cool and clean the transmission.

Since the fluid moves in a closed loop, your car is technically not supposed to completely run out of it. If a warning light on your car's dashboard indicates that your transmission fluid level is insufficient, a leak is most likely to blame.

Transmission leaks not only increase the risk of transmission overheating but also accelerate the wear and tear of the transmission's internal components. These leaks can also cause your transmission to make strange sounds during gear engagement.

For example, a grinding noise coming from your transmission may be indicative of erratic friction between metal parts. If the issue is ignored, it can spell doom for your transmission.

Ineffective Transmission Fluid

An insufficient amount of transmission fluid isn't the only likely reason for transmission noises. Dirty fluid too can result in a noisy transmission. Every time you drive, your vehicle's transmission fluid accumulates dirt and debris. Over time, the fluid becomes laden with a lot of contaminants and will need changing.

If you fail to change the dirty transmission on time, it will lose its lubricating, cooling, and cleaning qualities, potentially resulting in transmission noises such as loud banging, grinding, whining, and clunking sounds. 

Worn-Out Transmission Parts

As mentioned earlier, your transmission comprises several internal parts that work together to ensure the smooth operation of your car. These parts include driveshaft bearings, planetary gears, gear synchronizers, and torque converters.

If one or more of these parts become worn out either due to general wear or misuse of the car, your transmission may start to make odd, disconcerting noises.

Taking good care of your car is the best way to avoid transmission noises and related problems. Proper car maintenance involves changing your transmission fluid on time and getting your transmission checked by a professional on a regular basis.

Don't hesitate to bring your car to the experts at your local auto mechanic shop if you notice it making any weird transmission noises.

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