How To Tell When Your Transmission Needs Service Or Repair

24 May 2022
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The transmission in your car or truck is a critical component in the drivetrain, and if it is not working correctly, the car or truck is often much more challenging to drive. There are some tell-tale signs to look for that can indicate it is time for a visit to the transmission shop for service, and it is crucial that you do not ignore them, or you could end up with a transmission that stops working altogether. 

Slipping Transmissions

Automatic transmissions are generally more common in new cars and trucks than standard ones. While they offer some convenience, they require some maintenance to ensure they are operating correctly. The automatic transmission uses a system of pressure and fluid to operate the gears and clutches inside the case, and checking the oil level regularly is a good idea. 

If the transmission oil or fluid is too low, the transmission can have difficulty working and locking into gear. As a result, it may start slipping and cause wear in other places inside the case. Taking the vehicle to a transmission repair shop and having it checked is vital if you have been experiencing slipping and hesitation when starting from a complete stop. 

Failure To Shift

One prevalent issue that can come up with transmissions that are not adequately maintained is improper shifting, including late shifting or no shifting at all when the car is in drive. The shifting issues often stem from problems inside the transmission, like worn clutch bands or a dirty filter that reduces the amount of oil pressure produced by the system.

In some instances, you may find that the transmission's torque converter is faulty or that the oil pump is worn out, but these are issues that a transmission repair shop will need to check and diagnose for you. Transmission repair of this magnitude often means rebuilding the entire transmission. While it is often costly, the result is a refreshed unit with many new parts that will last for many years if it is appropriately maintained. 

Transmission Replacement

If the transmission in your vehicle is damaged so severely that the shop can not repair it, the transmission shop may suggest getting a new or rebuilt transmission and installing it in the car in place of the one that failed. Most transmission shops have access to rebuilt transmissions, and they are typically lower cost than a new replacement from the dealer or other source. 

The installation process often requires some specific tools and knowledge, but any transmission shop can handle the job for you and return your vehicle to running condition. Often a transmission replacement will take a day or two to complete, but a new or rebuilt unit should come with a warranty that will help protect you after installation. 

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