What Are Professionals Looking For During A Standard Auto Brake Inspection?

15 January 2021
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Every time you press your brake pedal to slow or stop your vehicle, you are relying on the vehicle's brake system to keep you safe. Therefore, having a brake inspection on occasion is an important task as an automobile owner. Here is what takes place during the typical brake inspection. 

The Action of the Brake Pedal 

You can tell a great deal about the brake system of a vehicle simply by pressing the brake pedal. For example, brakes that seem spongy or springy may indicate there is a bit too much air in the brake lines. Any trained brake inspection professional can diagnose quite a few problems simply by climbing into your vehicle and testing the brake pedal. Therefore, this is oftentimes where the inspection will begin.

The Condition of Your Brake Pads 

If you have regular disc brakes, you will have pads that clamp down on the rotors to slow down your vehicle. Over time, these pads do start to wear thin and will need to be replaced. The brake inspection will involve performing a visual inspection of the brake pads to determine how much they have worn. Normally, if the pads have worn down substantially, the professional will make a recommendation to have the pads replaced. 

The Overall Health of Your Brake Rotors 

Rotors are what the brakes clamp down on in order to slow you down. While most modern rotors do a pretty good job of thwarting damage due to hard braking or worn pads, you can occasionally see surface flaws. These surface flaws, such as ridges and lines, can change how well the brake pads grasp the surface of the rotor when you hit the brakes. Therefore, severely worn rotors do usually have to be replaced. 

The Condition and Levels of Brake Fluid 

Brake fluid is delivered throughout the braking system of your vehicle to keep the brake pressure as it should be. If the brake fluid is low, the brakes lose their stopping power and you will notice a change in how your brakes feel when you press the brake pedal. During the brake inspection, the professional will check fluid levels and make sure the fluid is the proper viscosity. 

The Overall Strength of Your Brake Lines 

Brake lines carry valuable brake fluid throughout the braking system. If the brake lines are not in good shape, they can be at risk of springing a leak due to damage. the brake inspection service professional will examine the lines, look for signs of deterioration, and check for leaks. 

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