Tips For Choosing The Best Rotors For Your Brake Repair

10 January 2018
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Most vehicles need new brakes about once every one to five years, depending on how much you drive. On average, you want the brakes replaced after driving about 50,000 miles. While this is true, most people will focus on the brake pads when it comes to replacement. The rotors also need to be replaced on occasion, and you do have some choices when it comes to the rotors. Keep reading to learn about how you should make a choice when looking at the parts.

Look At Materials 

There are a wide range of materials when it comes to brake rotors, much like there is with brake pads. Cast iron brake pads are the most common, and thus, they are a good choice when it comes to general use rotors. Basically, if you are an average person who uses their car to get to work and run errands, then the cast iron pads are a good choice. 

Steel rotors are available as well and come in solid and layered varieties. These rotors are excellent when it comes to heat dissipation, but they are not nearly as durable as the cast iron ones. This is also true of aluminum rotors, so they are often used in special applications. 

High carbon rotors can dissipate heat quickly and remain in good condition for a long period of time. Also, the materials added to these rotors reduces the squealing and brake shaking that you may be familiar with. While high carbon rotors are a good choice, they are expensive. This is one reason why they are often utilized on high end vehicles.

Ceramic rotors are also performance varieties used on sports car. The rotors are lightweight and are able to deal with high heat issues as well.

Investigate The Grooves

Once you take a look at the different material options available to you, you should look at the different grooves that sit in the rotors. The grooves help to channel heat and built up gasses away from the rotors. You should note that many rotors are solid and contain no grooves or openings. These are your general use rotors and are good if you do not have any towing, off-road, or performance needs. 

While the solid rotors can last some time, they can crack much more easily than other types of rotors. For this reason, it may be a good idea to invest in rotors that have grooves in them. These grooves are shallow, but do allow heat to move away from the brakes. You also have the option of drilled rotors that contain a variety of holes through the rotor. These rotors are ideal if you use your vehicle for off-roading, towing, or street racing. Also, drilled rotors are good for wet driving. Basically, the openings allow water to move away from the brake pads. For more information, contact companies like Main Street Garage.