Noises Your Brakes Should Never Make

3 August 2016
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Your vehicle should not suddenly start making a noise you've never heard it make before. If the noise is coming from your brakes, for example, you could have a serious problem on your hands. The question is – how do you know if the sound is one you should be concerned about?

The Constant Squeak

How often do you hear squeaky brakes? If your car has been in standing water or it is wet outside, initial squeaks are normal. However, you shouldn't hear it when it comes to driving around normally and in dry weather.

The main reason brakes squeak is due to cheap or improper brake pads. Cheaper pads have metal flakes in them, and they can scratch across the rotors when you put your foot on the pedal.

If the squeak stops when you put your foot on the pedal, it's a sign that the brake pads are starting to fail. This happens with any type, and is the warning sign that you need to do something now. Your brakes are going to start making a grinding noise if you ignore the squeak for too long.

A Grinding Sound

Grinding is a sign that you need to get your brakes checked out right away. It sounds like you've hit rubble and is extremely dangerous. What you're actually hearing is metal on metal, meaning the brake pads have completely worn away. It is normal for brake pads to wear away eventually.

The best thing to do when you hear grinding is calling a tow truck. Driving further will cause damage to the calipers, rotors and pads.

The Squeak When You Stop

If you get a squeak just as you stop, it's a sign that your brakes need lubricating somewhere. There are various joints and any one of them could be suffering from dryness.

This is also a sign that the brakes have been installed improperly, and that may need to be rectified.  You won't usually need to have them replaced, but reinstalled so they sit properly within the system.

A Regular Thump

When you put your foot on the brake, do you hear a thumping from the back of the car? This may be the drum brakes likely at the rear of your car. It usually occurs due to wear and tear when the brake shoes need replacing. Grooves are created in the brake drum, and when one groove is missed the shoes will snap back and cause a thumping sound.

Some of the sounds aren't ones that you will need to get checked right away. Others are crucial if you want to keep your brakes working when you need them. Listen out for the above sounds that you should never hear. For more information, contact professionals like Care Muffler & Brake Shop.