4 Tips To Help With A DIY Auto Checkup

26 January 2016
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If you want to avoid serious problems with your car, it is important to keep up with maintenance. This can include taking your car in for regular oil changes and tune ups. In between the scheduled maintenance for your car, you may want to do your own car inspections, such as checking fluid levels. Here are some DIY checkup tips that will help to keep your car out of the repair shop:

1. Checking Fluids Every Time You Fill Up

One of the most important things that you can do to prevent car troubles is check the fluids. Keeping an eye on fluid levels can help catch problems in time. It is a good idea to check the fluid levels whenever you fill up with gas. You will want to check the oil, transmission fluid and coolant levels. In addition, keep an eye on the level of brake fluid in the master cylinder; most modern cars have a plastic tank that you can look at and see the level of the fluid.

2. Keep Track Of Brake Pad Wear

Brakes are important for the safety and performance of your car. Letting the pads get too worn can contribute to brake problems that are otherwise preventable. Watch the wear on your brake pads and have them replaced as needed. If the pads become too worn, they will begin to make noise, which means that it is past time for you to have them replaced.

3. Watch Tire Wear For Better Handling

The tire wear on your car can tell a lot about performance and suspension problems. You want to inspect the treads on your tires regularly to ensure they are safe. This can be done with the head-side of a coin. When the treads wear below the head on the coin, it may be time for you to have new tires installed on your car. In addition, keep an eye out for uneven wear, which can be a sign of suspension or brake problems.

4. Pay Attention To Warning Lights And Service Needs

The warning lights on your car can also tell you about potential problems, and they should not be ignored. Sometimes, the lights can just be a reminder for servicing. They can often be reset once you have had your car serviced. This is often the case with check engine and air bag lights that may seem to be on for no reason.

These are some DIY checkup tips that can prevent car troubles. If you need help with repairs to your car, contact an auto repair shop like H & S Tire & Auto Center to schedule a regular maintenance checkup for your car.