Top Tips For RV Care

31 December 2015
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If you've invested considerable money into an RV, proper maintenance should be at the top of your list. Taking care of an RV has some similarities and differences to regular car maintenance. Here are some of the top tips for RV care. 

Keep Your Oil Clean

Like all automobiles, your RV will need some routine maintenance such as oil replacements. While this may seem like a small thing, keeping clean oil is a huge concern for your engine's longevity and efficiency. For many campers the recommended timeline is to replace your oil every 3,500 or 4,500 miles to keep your engine happy. 

Examine and Repair Roof Seals

Some RV designs can be susceptible to roof leaks due to their flat-roofed nature. Water, wet leaves and other debris can collect on the roof and cause rotting on its surface. To avoid these problems, be sure to inspect the roof regularly. Be sure to look for gaps in the roof's seal; water can seep into the material and damage the roof or your interior lining. Your best bet for a roofing repair is to visit a local RV repair company. 

Protect Your Battery

Another special concern for RV owners is the battery. If you are one of the many RV owners who uses their camper seasonally, be sure to take out your battery during the winter months and place it somewhere warm. There's a possibility that your RV's battery would freeze under very cold weather conditions, and this could cause it to break completely. 

Find a Trusted RV Repair Specialist

Finally, it's important to establish a good relationship with an RV repair and maintenance team (like the team at Auto-Truck Services Inc). This specialist can become a go-to resource for making sure that your RV is running at full capacity. An RV repair specialist will have superior access to manufactured RV parts so that you can make repairs and adjustments quickly. There's a fine art in RV maintenance when compared with regular automobile maintenance; in addition to vehicle maintenance, your RV repair person will need to know about safely maintaining the electrical and plumbing elements in your RV and be able to advise you on where to get them repaired if they can't do the job. 

Taking care of an RV can be a tough job, but you should always look for support from a professional when in doubt. These tips will help you to keep your RV in top shape for the long haul.