Getting The Most For Your Money When Buying Used Tires

22 December 2015
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Is it time to replace your car tires? If so, then you may be looking for some cheaper alternatives, instead of buying brand new replacement tires, especially around the holiday season. Well, rather than buy brand new tires from your vehicle's manufacturer dealership, you may want to consider shopping from a locally owned tire shop. Taking advantage of a small tire shop will allow you to shop for tires that are used, but still have a great amount of traction left to them. Buying used tires can definitely help you save money, but it is important to buy from a local shop instead of a third party seller, as you can receive many perks from a tire shop, like the following:

Tire Warranty:

When shopping for used tires from a third or independent seller, you won't receive the benefit of having coverage. This means that if your new, used tires become defective shortly after your purchase, you will have to pay out of your own wallet to have these defective tires replaced. When buying from a reputable tire shop, you can obtain perks like warranty protection and this will allow you to obtain repairs or receive replacement tires if any of your tires become damaged shortly after your purchase.

Professional Installation Service:

Ensuring that you maximize the lifespan of your tires, especially when buying tires that are used, you will want to obtain professional tire installations. When buying used tires from a tire shop, they will be able to include this service with your purchase and this means your tires will be mounted, balanced, and serviced correctly when they are installed. This will help you get the most out of your tires, which can better your overall investment.

Included Tire Care Maintenance:

Many tire dealerships offer great perks for their customers and most of the dealerships you find will likely include free tire care maintenance, even if you purchased tires that are used. By having this service, you will be able to receive tire rotations, air pressure checks, and patch repairs at no cost. These services will help you increase the longevity of your tires, which will boost your investment.

Having benefits and perks like these will allow you to get the best value for your money, but most importantly protect your investment. So, instead of paying top dollar for brand new tires or having to worry about getting little to no protection with your tire purchase, be sure to take advantage of buying used tires from a locally owned tire shop.

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