3 Things To Look For In Your Brakes To Ensure They Are Working Properly

21 December 2015
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Taking care of your car is incredibly important to your safety and comfort. Once you purchase a car it will require a good deal of maintenance to ensure that everything is running properly and safely. The brakes are one of the most important features in the car. This is why it is important that every car owner know the signs of a failing brakes in their car, so that they can keep themselves and everyone around them safe. Here are a couple things to look for in your brakes.

1. A Grinding Sound When You Brake

If your brakes are working properly, you shouldn't be hearing any grinding noises when you brake. Good break pads will make the stop almost flawlessly when you press on the brakes. If you notice that there is a grinding noise, or when you press on the pedal it moves while it is trying to brake, you could have a problem. This could mean that the brake pads are wearing thin and that the brakes are grinding against each other. It could also mean that the brakes themselves are giving out and eventually will not work at all. For this reason, take in your vehicle immediately if you notice this problem. Replacing brake pads is a relatively inexpensive fix that could save your car.

2. Your Car Is Squealing When You Brake

Another terrible sound is the squealing sound when you brake. If you notice that there is a high pitch squeal every time you press on the brakes it could mean that they are on their last leg. However, it should be mentioned that in some cases, new brake pads will cause a slight squeal while they are being broken in. It shouldn't last long, so if you have new brake pads, know that is probably the cause. But if your brake pads aren't new, and your car is making high pitched noises, take it in!

3. Your Car Is Swerving To One Side When You Brake

If when you press on the brakes the car swerves to one side it could mean that already one side of your car brakes are not working. You may be only dealing with one working brake and if that one fails, you could be in massive trouble. This is not a problem to ignore and should be dealt with right away!

By understanding what to look for in your brakes you can keep yourself and your car safe. However, if you don't feel comfortable inspecting your brakes on your own, contact a mechanic shop, such as Buettner Tire & Auto.