3 Tips For Maintaining Your Car's Manufacturer's Warranty

18 December 2015
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If your car is still covered under the original manufacturer's warranty, you probably feel pretty lucky that you can take your car in for manufacturer-covered repairs anytime that something goes wrong. The last thing that you probably want to deal with is taking your car in for what should be a covered repair, only to be denied coverage because your warranty has been voided somehow. It is possible to avoid this, however, so make sure that you follow these three tips so that you can maintain your warranty for as long as possible.

1. Have Your Car Serviced and Repaired by a Certified Mechanic

It can be tempting to take your car to a backyard mechanic so that you can score a cheap oil change. However, that so-called cheap oil change can come with a price. Your manufacturer might require you to take your car to a certified mechanic, so taking your car to the wrong shop for maintenance -- or changing your oil yourself -- can cause problems for your warranty. By taking your car to a certified mechanic -- such as a certified BMW repair shop if you are the owner of a BMW -- you can help ensure that your warranty remains valid. Plus, your mechanic will probably know more about your specific make and model of vehicle, which means that he or she can provide your car with better care.

2. Use Only Manufacturer-Approved Parts

You might find yourself wanting to purchase aftermarket parts for your vehicle. They can be more affordable, and universal parts are sometimes easier to find if you have a car that is foreign or that is rare. However, aftermarket parts can void your warranty and may not perform as well on your particular make or model, so you should always purchase manufacturer-approved parts for your vehicle instead.

3. Follow Your Car's Maintenance Schedule

Don't think that you can skip an oil change or otherwise drift away from your car's maintenance schedule. Your manufacturer might require you to show proof that you have been properly maintaining your car if you need to submit a warranty claim, so you'll need to prove that you have been following the maintenance schedule. Plus, you should remember that your manufacturer wrote up that maintenance schedule for a reason -- in many cases, your car really will perform better and last longer if you take care of it as listed in the manual.

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