How to Clean Your Window Film

17 December 2015
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Window films in the home are a great way to decorate a boring window, increase the amount of protection from the UV rays during the day, and reduce the amount of glare inside your home. However, once you have residential window tinting installed, you might not know how to clean it. Here are some tips that you can use to clean your window tinting without accidentally peeling it off or damaging it.

1. Don't Clean Your Window Tint Too Soon

Your window tint is going to have its own self-stick adhesive that looks a sticker. Unlike a sticker, however, the window tint must set correctly so that it can't be removed from your window. To make sure that your window film has been set appropriately, wait at least thirty days after the tint has been installed before cleaning your windows. This might seem like an unusually long time, but it allows the tinting to set--even with temperature fluctuations and bad weather that may have delayed the setting process.

2. Take Care of the Edges

When you are cleaning your window cling, all you need to do is use a microfiber cloth to first get rid of the dust and dirt. If need be, use a rag and a solution of warm water and dish soap to cut through any grease that runs along the film. Regardless of the cleaning method that you choose to use, you are going to need to make sure that you take care of the edges of your window tint first.

To do this, use a popsicle stick, credit card, or other flat, sturdy item to push down the edges of your window tint. This step allows you to make sure that the edges are secure and won't peel up during cleaning. Then, use the rag or microfiber cloth to clean the center of your window tint. Swipe the cloth in concentric circles. Once you start to get near the edges, start about an inch away from the edge. Brush outwards as you clean the tint so that you are constantly pushing the window tint down and are never accidentally curling up its edges. Work your way around the window in this measure until you have cleaned the entire surface.

For more information, talk to a company like MidAmerica Tint. They will have more suggestions for a specific type of cleaner that you should use on your brand of window tinting.