Three Types Of Specialty Mechanics And Why You May Prefer Them To General Mechanics

16 December 2015
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While it is true that most people would just take their vehicles to a general mechanic, there are several auto service specialists who provide specific services for your vehicle. Just as doctors specialize in different fields of medicine that interest them or for which they have an aptitude, so do mechanics. Here are three types of specialty mechanics and why you may prefer them to general mechanics.

The Specialist Who Works Only on Imports or Luxury Cars

A specialist who works only on imports or luxury cars knows more about these vehicles than a general mechanic would. He or she also has access to replacement parts, direct lines to the manufacturers, and probably has several commonly replaced parts in his or her inventory. This means that your import or luxury car usually does not have to wait for parts or service and that you can expect and trust this specialist mechanic to do a perfect repair job on your vehicle every time.

The Specialist That Does Custom Body Work

Many general mechanics are probably not equipped to do custom body work or custom paint jobs on cars. This is a perfect example of why you would prefer a specialist over a general mechanic; the custom work requires a greater skill set than most general mechanics were trained to do. Additionally, if you want a custom engine or custom wheels, then this specialist can build it in his or her shop, either from existing parts or from raw materials.

The Specialist That Works Solely on Vintage Restorations

A general mechanic may be able to track down a few vintage parts, but it is usually a restoration specialist that knows where to find and purchase vintage parts for your antique restoration. It is also very important to the restoration process that every "new" part installed in your vehicle be installed with vintage fasteners too, if you want your vehicle to maintain its full restoration value. An automotive restoration specialist is exactly the type of mechanic you need because he or she understands that substitutions or non-vintage parts drastically alter the value of your vehicle.

Higher Quality of Service, Higher Quality Parts

Overall, a auto repair specialist typically provides higher quality service and higher quality parts. His or her work is often guaranteed and, in many instances, backed by warranties on parts and services. The price for parts and service may be a little higher than those quoted with a general mechanic, but the specialist may make adjustments if you get lower quotes from his or her competition.