A Car Owner's Guide To Brake Noise

14 September 2015
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Anytime your brakes make noise, it is cause for concern. Three types of noise can occur: a high-pitched squealing sound, a scraping sound or a grinding sound. Learning to differentiate between these sounds and knowing what to do can save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs. 

Squealing Sounds

One of the most common complaints of car owners is squealing brakes. This high pitched noise can be caused by brake dust gathering on the brake pads, wear to the brake pads or damage to the brake shoe springs. To help determine the particular cause of your squealing brakes, look at your tires. 

Do you notice a lot of brake dust on your rims? If so, it may simply be brake dust on the brake pads. Grab your garden hose and spray off the inside of your rims. This will help remove the dust from your brakes, thus eliminating the squealing sounds.

If this process does not get rid of the noise, it is time to take your car in to your mechanic. Your brake specialist will inspect your brakes, look for damage to the braking system and correct problems that are found.

Scraping Sounds

Scraping sounds are often caused by a piece of road debris, such as a small pebble, lodging itself between the brake pad and the rotor. Oftentimes you can remedy this by driving your car a few feet forward and then driving your car a few feet backwards while applying your brakes.

Grinding Sounds

Grinding sounds are the most serious and the most dangerous type of noise that can be heard from the braking system. Grinding is most commonly caused by brake pad failure. The grinding sounds occur when the brake pad is worn out and the rotor is rubbing against the metal backing of the brake pad. 

If you notice any type of grinding sound coming from your braking system, it is imperative that you get your automobile to your mechanic immediately. The mechanic will inspect the braking system, install new brake pads and rotate the rotors, if needed.

Squealing, grinding or scraping sounds from your brakes should be investigated immediately. Your brakes are one of the most important safety features to your car; therefore, whenever you notice any sounds emanating from your braking system, it is time to schedule a visit with your mechanic. Your mechanic will be able to correct any brake problems and quieten your brake noises. Contact a company like Elkhart Auto Center for more information.